April 2023 Edition

In this edition of What's New In Italy we explore the breathtaking mountain scenery of The Dolomites, before returning closer to sea level to explore the history and architecture of Venice's lesser-known neighbour, Vicenza. We then visit the Abruzzo region to test Scanno's claim to being one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Unsuprisingly given all this beauty, wedding tourism is on the rise in Italy. We examine this latest marital trend. We also look at the history of Murano glass beads, the Capuchin Crypt of Rome, famous for its elaborate arrangement of skulls and bones before visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the exhibition: Donatello: Sculpting the renaissance, celebrating the Italian artist who is perhaps the greatest sculptor of all time. All this before rounding off our month with a taste of Friuli-Venezia Giulia's culinary history and a loook at the state of the EU's economy. Happy reading!